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Top Text: “after 45 minutes of playing interior decorator, when I ask ‘is there anything else you need today?’”

Bottom Text: “it means leave me alone so I can finish my tasks”]

every single closing question I asked this woman was met with her needing a different recommendation and the lady I would have handed her off to was on vacation. I ended up basically selecting all her color palettes for her, interior decorating her entire office sight unseen, choosing aromatherapy scents for her, recommending ways to modify one of the baskets we have to fit a shorter shelf, suggesting ways to display the floral products she was picking out, and cleaning up the vase she dropped and shattered. I manage 5 departments, this is not one of them, and I really honestly do not have time for this.

When she was finally ready to leave I found out the reason she was so obsessive and meticulous was that her boss’ wife was an interior decorator and was going to tear apart all of her choices when she visited the office. If it’s that big of a deal why doesn’t the wife just decorate the office herself holy shit. 

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    The issue isn’t that you weren’t helpful, the issue is that you’re publicly whining that you HAD to be. Sorry but you’re...
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    Holy shit, and none of those are actually related to designing—good on you, at least! I don’t think I would have been...
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    I never minded playing interior decorator, it was only when it was for the customers that wanted that special treatment...
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